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Text Message Marketing


Most Importantly


It's a simple process
It's a direct way to get out to Customers
And Hey! Who Doesn't Like a Text Message


A Quick Way for you to add value to your business.


Text Message Marketing Is Hot Right Now
And For Very Good Reasons!


Text Messaging is the latest boom in advertising and marketing. It's not SPAM, you only send to those who OPT IN to your system. It's one of the most effective ways of getting your products, messages, schedules, closings out to your clients, customers and those who are interested in your services.

Here's how it works
  • You sign up for 100, 200 or more users (those who opt into your program)
  • You give out your unique text number (short code) with your name such as "JoesPizza".
  • Customers and clients send a text to the unique number and opt in.
  • You send a text message to the unique number, and you've just reached your customers, clients, organization members, parents, whoever it is you're decided to reach.

Send a short message to them with information or deals such as

Restaurant, Pizzeria or other food establishment
"Come in Today between 5pm and 7pm and show this text and get 50% off your second Pizza"

Retail Flower Store
"Show this text message to the cashier and get 10% any flower arrangement for Mothers Day"

School or Day Care Center
"Due to todays forecast snow storm, Little Kids Day Care will be Closed"

These short messages get the info out, attract new business, and is a great way to take advantage of timing! Timing is everything...to beat the competition, to increase sales, and to get out information as quickly as possible.

Restaurants, send out a text before Dinner. Where do you think they'll go once you've texted your group?

Retailers, send out info on sales on or before a special day or event.

Gyms, send out smoothie specials or personal training deals.

Even Bars can send out specials to their loyal customers to bring them back in on a slow night.

It's instant, it works, and it's NOT SPAM. It's only able to be used by someone Opting in to your system.

Take advantage of the technology most people use without SPAMMING them. Get the word out to those who want it, not those who don't.

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What can you do with them?
Any business can benefit from Text Message Marketing. Here are a few examples of what you can do with it.

Restaurant, Pizzeria or other food establishment
Send out a text to all of your Subscribers letting them know about your dinner special, JUST BEFORE DINNER! When you're hungry, and you get a text with a special...where do you think they're going?

Retail Flower Store
On Mother's Day, Send out a Text about a special you're running. Those who forgot their mom's will love you, and those procrastinators will be knocking at your door shortly there after.

School or Day Care Center
Stop all those calls, "Are you Open Today"? When there's a big snow storm, or if there's a change in the schedule. So many options for this one...think of some yourself.

Send out new class info, schedule changes, personal training specials, even "show this text and get $1 off a smoothie" text! It works.

Any industry, any organization can benefit, but so will your clients and customers!





**Text Messaging Service Only Available in the United States**
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