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Does My Business Need a Website?

Everything from Home-Based Businesses, and Sole Proprietorships to Fortune 500 Companies need a web presence these days. The competition online is staggering. Anyone that doesn't want to miss out on revenue that they might have had by being found by even one person should have a web presence. 

What Do I Get With My Site?

You Get what you ask for! 5 Pages cost $500. Additional pages are billed at $50 a page. But we sit down before hand so we know exactly what you'll be paying. Up to 10 Graphics are included. We'll also make sure we use proper keywords on your site, and add meta tags to the code to ensure you're picked up by search engines.  

Do I Need to Get A Domain Name and Hosting?

Yes, you do. You need a site name to be identified properly. No one likes going to long web names that have dots and dashes like some free hosting sites give you. No one will find you or take you seriously.

Hosting is where your site resides. We are not a host, but we work with a host that is low cost. Your cost for domain name and hosting is as follows. Host and domain name initial set up is approximately $35. Monthly hosting cost is a little less than $10 a month billed to your credit card.

We do this because we want YOU to be in control of your site if needed. Don't ever let someone put YOUR domain under their name, and not give you access to your host and email. That's an underhanded trick many developers use to keep you...they also are the hosts so always INSIST on the domain being in your name.

Isn't Sending Mass Text's to my Customers/Clients a Bad Practice?

Text Message Marketing is not a bad practice. The only people who get them are those who send a text to a unique code, with a unique message. That opts them in. If they want out, they just send UNSUBSCRIBE in a text to the unique number your given. Its easy and its not SPAM. It's only an opt in service. We at no time use your list of subscribers.

I Only Provide Local Services...Why Do I need a Web Site?

There are two reasons. One...most people look for local restaurants, products and services. Two...it's easier to be found as a local service in the search engines. We add you to superpages, and add keywords to ensure you're found in your area..so yes, it's a HUGE advantage for local businesses. 

Does a 5 page site really only take 5 days?

Yep. Unless of course we need info from you that you do not provide in a timely manner, then it will go over the five days. But if all goes as we plan, it's done in 5 days as many of our clients sites were done.  



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